I run the Morrel Group, a realty brokerage firm focusing on Manhattan condos and co-ops. I am an expert in my own field, consistently ranking in the top 1% of real estate brokers in the nation. I am also an attorney and have a good understanding of real estate law.

But I know that I can’t be an expert in everything, so for more than a decade I have been using Rick Beam as my accounting firm for all my personal and business needs. Having Rick and his staff as part of my team allows me to focus on what I do best, keeping my clients satisfied and bringing in revenue to my company.

Howard Morrel
The Morrel Group

I am the President and CEO of two consulting firms – Computer Reserves and HospiTech Solutions – which helps clients maximize the use of their IT resources. Over the years we have worked with both large and small accounting firms.  About four years ago I started looking for an accounting firm with the breadth of experience I require. I networked with several trusted advisors and was recommended to Rick Beam.

I found that Richard Beam, CPA, is the perfect sweet spot for my company that wants the expertise of a large accounting practice and still have personalized service. Rick has assembled a knowledgeable and personable team who work well with my own staff. Overall they are a terrific firm and I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with them.

Don Seiden

Susan Gottilla, is the Director of Group Compliance Services for Novartis and spends her working days ensuring the safety of our pharmaceuticals.  At night she is a volunteer lieutenant at the Verona Rescue Squad and oversees the response to medical emergencies. When it comes to ensuring the safety and health of her family’s finances she relies on Richard Beam, CPA.

“My mother was the first to use Rick Beam. When my dad passed on she really needed someone who could understand her circumstances to work out the best way to preserve her assets.

I used to do my own taxes, but as my finances changed and my return grew more complicated, I knew I needed assistance and I turned to Rick and his staff. It is great knowing that everything is being done correctly. I have really enjoyed working with him — he is very patient and very knowledgeable. He puts my mind at ease.”

Susan Gottilla

Running Vicor Industries gives me plenty to do — just keeping up with the technology, finding new customers and suppliers and staying on top of all the export regulations. So having Richard Beam, CPA, as our accounting firm as an extension of our business is a great asset.

Richard Beam, CPA, handles the areas of accounting, finance and taxation that we cannot handle ourselves and having Rick and his team takes the workload off of me so I can do everything else required to run my business.  What has been the greatest help is the advice he has given us over the years.  Rick keeps up with all the tax laws so I don’t have to give any of my attention to that area, knowing that Rick is taking care of it.

Jacob Gesthalter
Vicor Industries

As a builder I have different accounting needs than other businesses. I have to keep track of all the costs associated with each job and carry the expenses over from one calendar year to the next. In addition, I need to keep track of profit or loss on each project for tax purposes.

Since I’ve been working with Richard Beam, CPA, all my previous accounting issues have been straightened out and my job finances are correctly logged into my QuickBooks. They prepare my monthly statements and makes sure my tax returns are correct.

Rick is not only an expert in accounting, but he is personable and caring. It’s like talking with a friend.

Robby Meijer
Meijer Construction